Why I Chose Business Analysis Over Software Development

Photo by Jon Tyson(Unsplash)

Multiple times I had been encountered with the same words, “You have a college degree in computer science why aren’t you a software developer”. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly one of those persons whom you would say were able to figure out what they wanted out of life at an early age. The truth was I never really got to understand how life worked until my early 20’s. I was an idealist in some way, playing by the books thinking life would always turn out just fine if I did.

So here I was graduating from college, my troubled self-unable to figure out what would truly bring meaning to me. After college, I joined a consulting firm which unraveled me and what I really wanted. The fact is I had always enjoyed working in the business field but never paid much attention to it, so after leaving the consulting firm I joined a tech startup where I got to learn a lot more. The truth was I loved the thrill of being in the middle of it all, seeing the big picture. I enjoyed strategy and execution because I was more interested in making products strive and scale than building them, I just wanted people to understand and see what an amazing solution it is and help them get the most from it.

For the most part, I was glad I made the decision but there was more, it gets to the point where the decision would need to be made, what would inadvertently guide them, what would put our solution one foot ahead of our competitors, what was keeping us from giving clients and other stakeholders what they really wanted? Data! A year later, I started branching into the data analysis field where I began to understand the power of data. I needed all the knowledge I could get because I was keen on business transformation and what could be more useful.

I am still a work in progress and have not gotten close to where I want to be yet but I am certain I will, baby steps now only to fly later, fighting fears and pessimism and every other thing in between. My point from all this is, a lot of people are stuck or feel stagnated in where they are because of pressure or self-denial. No-one can be truer to you than yourself so it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out now, keep going but don’t ignore those things you truly enjoy doing, figure them out and keep at it!



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